Tropical Storm Josephine was the tenth named storm of the 2002 Atlantic hurricane season. Josephine formed on September 17 in the open Atlantic Ocean, well away from any land areas. Josephine dissipated on September 19. Josephine moved north and northeast throughout its lifetime, and it reached 60 mph winds as an extratropical cyclone.

Josephine caused no damage and no fatalities.

Tropical Storm Josephine on satellite
FormationSeptember 17, 2002
Dissipation September 19, 2002
Highest winds 40 mph
Lowest pressure 1009 mbar
Deaths None reported
Damages None
Areas affected None

Meteorological History

Josephine originated from a weak low-pressure area that developed along a dissipating, nearly stationary frontal zone about 750 miles east of Bermuda on September 16. As the low moved slowly westward over the next day, a small area of deep convection developed near the low-level circulation center. In addition, the system's cloud pattern changed from that of a non-tropical cyclone to a tropical cyclone. It is estimated that the system developed into Tropical Depression Eleven at around 1200 UTC on September 17 while located about 620 miles east of Bermuda. After forming, the depression moved north-northwest for a day, and deep convection was intermittent and at times the low-level center became exposed. Despite the unfavorable conditions, the depression managed to strengthen into Tropical Storm Josephine by 0600 UTC on September 18 based on a ship report. Shortly thereafter, Josephine accelerated to the northeast in advance of an approaching mid-latitude trough. At around 1200 UTC on September 19, Josephine became an extratropical cyclone, at which time a ship repoted 50 kt winds well-removed from the center of circulation. Shortly thereafter, Josephine merged with a larger extratropical low and frontal system.

Lack of Retirement

Because it affected no land areas, the name Josephine was not retired in the Spring of 2003 by the World Meteorological Organization. It is on the list of names to be used for the 2008 Atlantic hurricane season

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