Tropical Storm Barry was the second named storm of the 1989 Atlantic hurricane season. Barry developed midway between Africa and the Lesser Antilles, never affecting land.

Barry caused no damage or deaths.

Barry on July 13
FormationJuly 9, 1989
Dissipation July 14, 1989
Highest winds 60 mph
Lowest pressure 1005 mbar
Deaths None
Damages None
Areas affectedNone
Part of the 1989 Atlantic hurricane season

Meteorological history

Barry appears to have developed from a tropical wave that exited the coast of Africa on July 7. As the wave propagated westward across the eastern tropical Atlantic, it gradually organized, with a low-level circulation developing along the wave axis at 1800 UTC July 9. Based on the surface circulation, it is estimated that the wave developed into Tropical Depression Three while located midway between Africa and the Lesser Antilles. The cyclone moved northwestward and strengthened into Tropical Storm Barry on July 11. On July 13, Barry weakened to a tropical depression, and dissipated on July 14.

Lack of Retirement

Because it did not affect land, the name Barry was not retired after this season. It is on the list of names to be used for the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season.

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