Tropical Depression One was a tropical depression that did not reach tropical storm status during the 1993 Atlantic hurricane season. The depression formed on May 31, one day before the official start of the season. The depression formed just west of the Isle of Youth. It then made landfall in Cuba and the Bahamas before becoming extratropical southwest of Bermuda on June 2.

The depression killed 7 people in Cuba from heavy rainfall. It caused no known damage, however.

Satellite image of Tropical Depression One on June 1
FormationMay 31, 1993
Dissipation June 2, 1993
Highest winds 35 mph
Lowest pressure 999 mbar
Deaths 7 direct
Damages Unknown
Areas affectedCuba, Florida, Bahamas
Part of the 1993 Atlantic hurricane season

Meteorological history

Tropical Depression One appears to have originated from a tropical wave that exited the coast of Africa on May 13. The wave moved westward across the Atlantic Ocean, reaching the western Carribean Sea on May 25. At that time, a mid-level trough over the Gulf of Mexico pulled the ITCZ northward over Central America, which resulted in the formation of a broad low-level circulation near Cozumel, Mexico. The area of disturbed weather moved east-northeast towards the Isle of Youth, where it developed into Tropical Depression One at 1200 UTC May 31. surface observations from Cuba indicate that the depression made landfall along the central coast of Cuba, then moved into the Straits of Florida near Varadero, Cuba at 0000 UTC June 1. A shortwave trough approaching the cyclone from the west caused the depression to accelerate to the northeast over the Bahamas to near Nassau and into the Atlantic Ocean. Data from a reconnaissance aircraft indicate that the central pressure associated with the cyclone was 999 mb between June 1 and 2. In addition, the aircraft found a few areas of strong winds well-removed from the circulation center.

The depression's wind field continued to expand and the depression gradually acquired extratropical characteristics, becoming an extratropical cyclone on June 2 while southwest of Bermuda.


Tropical Depression One caused 7 deaths in total. Total damage is not known.


In Cuba, the depression killed 7 people from heavy rainfall, including a 2-year old girl who fell from her mother's arms and into floodwaters. In addition, five people were reported missing in the country. About 230 homes were destroyed and another 3,700 were damaged by the storm. Also, more than 40,000,000 sugar mills were paralyzed.

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