Tornadoes are rotating colomns of air in contact with the ground. They occur most often during supercell thunderstorms. Wind speeds inside the rotating colomns of air can range from 60mph to over 200mph. Below are some tips on how to stay safe and protect your property and yourself from tornado damage.

Main Tips (things you can do during a tornado)

  • Basements are one of the best places to seek shelter during a tornado if you do not have a storm shelter.
  • If you don't have a basement, get to an interior room like a bathroom with no windows or a closet. If your bathroom has windows, get in the shower and cover yourself with blankets, mattresses, etc.
  • Try to put as many walls between you and the outside world as possible
  • If you are outside get as low as possible (ditches, ravines) to avoid flying debris.
  • You should always have a battery-powered radio telling you where the storm is
  • Have a good radar on your wireless phone
  • Have a good supply of food water and or other stuff as you may be trapped in the basement 
  • Be prepared for sudden power outages and or flooding
  • Stay tuned to local media in case severe storms turn into tornadoes
  • Try not to panic

Things you should not do during a tornado

  • Stay in a car/vehicle - If you stay in any vehicle, you will be blown away as the tornadoes winds are strong they would rip your car apart.
  • Stand near windows - If you stand near windows, the pressure and the wind will blast the glass towards you and could cause injury!
  • Use electric appliances - If there is a good deal of lightning, the lightning will get into the wires and could electrocute you!
  • Park under a overpass - If there is torrential rain, where you are could flood!

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