250px-Anvil shaped cumulus panorama edit crop

A forming thunderstorm in Swifts Creek, Victoria.

Thunderstorms are violent weather systems that can produce hail, heavy rain, thunder, lightning, microbursts,sometimes tornadoes and destructive winds. The favourite recipe for thunderstorms is very hot weather (water evapurates more in hot weather and then when it reaches the upper atmosphere it rains back to earth because the upper atmosphere is very cold which can drop to -60 degrees celcius). The Perth Hailstorm was also caused by hot weather on March 22 2010. It stayed well above 40 degrees celcius and in the evening a hailstorm struck. Thunderstorms are very common in the USA and are also very destructive there. The most powerful thunderstorms are supercell thunderstorms. Very severe thunderstorms mostly occur in the Summer months such as the Perth hailstorm since Summer is the hottest season out of all the other 3 seasons. Cyclones form out of a cluster of severe thunderstorms on the ocean.

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