Rain on the beach

Rain over the Coast

In meteorology, precipitation is any product of the condensation of atmospheric water vapor that is deposited on the Earth's surface. It occurs when cloud partioducing rain this can change with temperature to snow. A precipitation which evaporates before reaching the ground is called virga.

Precipitation and the Water Cycle

Precipitation is one of the parts of the Water Cycle. In this section of the Water Cycle, the Water Vapor in the atmosphere that had condensed as clouds starts to compact to the limit. So the clouds release the water in the form of Precipitation.

Precipitations and hydrometeors

Although generally considered synonimous, the term "hydrometeors" comprehends also fog, mist and various depositions of water and ice on the ground that are generally not considered precipitations. Sometimes even the clouds are considered hydrometeors.

Its also the chance of something heppaning Like 10% means 10% chance of rain or thunderstorm or both , If 50-90 Its possible for thunderstorms to occur even if 100% percent its still possible for no rain or thunderstorm.

List of types of precipitation


Liquid and solid


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