Hurricane Alex was a destructive Category 2 Hurricane which formed in early June 2010. It was the first hurricane in the 2010 Atlantic hurricane season.

Meteorological History

Alex spawned from a disturbance in the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) on June 17, 2010. Over the upcoming days, most of its small Thunderstorm activity (Convection) was embedded within the zone. On June 20, The National Hurricane Center had realized the storm was slowly forming into a Tropical Depression near the Windward Islands. While it was moving towards the islands, there was little Wind Shear activity about, leading to conditions which were mariginally favourable for more development. The system moved through the Carribean Sea and the next day it was able to grow into a tropical depression. The next day, the feature deteriorated as convection spread over the Greater Antilles, but the conditions proved that the system could re-develop. On June 24, a low-level circulating storm cloud began passing over Jamaica, but it was displaced from its poor convection activity. By 1800 UTC, a surface low-pressure area has developed over Nicoragua because of more convection, but still needed time to intensify into a Tropical Cyclone.

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