A hurricane (America) is the same as a cyclone (Australia/Africa) and typhoon (Asia). They are capable of producing


winds of 60-163 mph (100-260 kph). A hurricane looks like a swirling cloud over the ocean and it seems peaceful from space, but inside the swirling cloud thunder and lightning looms, heavy rain pours and winds batter everything in its way. The phenomenon can produce landslides, widespread flooding, widespread deaths.

Hurricanes, or tropical storms , are so huge, they can easily be seen from space. Most of the images show the swirling clouds of a hurricane as it approaches to any land. Weather forecasters use satelite images images to plot wind speed and direction. They also gather information (such as temperature and humidity reading, rainfall, and changes in air pressure) from weather stations across the globe. The data is fed into supercomputers, which predict how weather systems will develop, either for the next few days (short-range forecasts), or for months ahead (long-range forecasts).

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