Hail is a type of Precipitation consisting of a solid ball of Ice. They form in strong Thunderstorms. The METAR code is GR.


Hailstones begin as frozen raindrops or snow crystals. Strong updrafts of warm air and cool downdrafts move frozen particles up and down through different levels of the parent storm. Hailstones encounter different types of moisture as they move through storm clouds, and layers of frozen ice accumalates on its surface. Resulting in a hailstone that has a layered structure.


The effects from hail can cause major destruction to motor vehicles, property, and produce. Hail stones can range from .1 inch to 5 inches in diameter, the most common size of hail is one half of an inch in diameter. Hail can cause damage to crops, however, on the interstate hail storms can cause gridlock and cause drivers to panick. the largest hail stone in U.S. history was found in nebraska, a seven inch wide chunk of ice. People are encouraged before a storm that contains hail to take appropriate shelter to avoid injury.

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