Cumulonimbus clouds are low to medium level clouds with a considerable vertical development that is also tall and dense involving thunderstorms and inclement weather. It results in atmospheric instability. These clouds can form alone, in clusters, or along a cold front forming a squall line, these clouds create lightning through the heart of the clouds. Cumulonimbus storm cells can produce heavy rain and cause flash flooding and can also produce damaging straight-line winds. Most of the storm cells die within twenty minutes, however, if there is enough solar energy in the atmosphere, can cause the moisture from one storm cell to quickly evaporate resulting in a new cell forming just a few miles from the former storm cell. This can cause thunderstorms to last for hours. Cumuloninbus clouds can also spawn tornadoes, and can be very dangerous for air travel.


Thunderstorms can become really strong when they get massive amounts of moisture and , at the same time, have a powerful rotating updraft. When this happens a Supercell is formed. Such storms can produce EF3 tornadoes ( sometimes can be lower scale tornadoes ) or higher and they have so much rain and hail that are produced from the storm that the precipitation masks the tornado. Supercells also come in three categories : Dry ( frequent in plains ),Wet ( anywhere ) and casual. Hybrids of Wet and Dry storms are known to appear, too. All storms have tornadoes, high winds, micro/macro bursts, constant lightning ( with interval strikes being 5 seconds long ),and massive precipitation as mentioned above ( although the Dry classification doesn't have precipitation at all or is a virga and the Wet classification has the most precipitation ).


Wet Supercells have a strange greenish sky tint when approaching although this can signify that an above average storm is approaching.

Abbreviation Cb
Genus Cumulonimbus (heap, cloud/severe rain)
Height 2-16 km

(6,500–60,000 ft)

Class Family D (Vertically developed)
Appearance Very tall and large clouds
Precipitation Yes, often intense, but may be virga (virga—occasionally a streak of precipitation but evaporates before it hits the ground)
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