Clouds are a visible mass of Water Vapour in the atmosphere of a planet.

List of Cloud Families

Family A (High)

Cirrus - a large, wavy cloud which sits between 5,000 m (16,500 feet) and 6,100 m (20,000 feet). A cirrus can signal an approach of a Cold Front or a Tropical Cyclone.

Cirrocumulus - a cloud layer which sits near cirrus clouds and can also produce a weather system.

Cirrostatus - a cloud layer which can produce halos due to the Sun's interaction with the cloud. A cloud like that thickens sometimes into a bigger cloud like an Altostratus and may signal a Warm Front.

Cumulonimbus - A thick cloud that can grow up to 15 km thick, these clouds produce thunderstorms, blizzards and tornadoes.

Family B (Middle)

Altocumulus - a medium-leveled cloud which can produce light Precitipation.

Altostratus - a cloud which typically signals the overhead of a warm frontline.

Family C (Low)

Stratocumulus - a low-leveled cloud which can be seen from the windows of a plane. It contains light precitipation. A Stratocumulus can signal a cold front.

Stratus - a low-leveled cloud layer which sometimes reasembles Fog.

Family D1 (Vertical)

Cumulus - Clouds with a heaped shape and a flat base.

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