ClearPoint provides weather tracking and prediction software for racers, sailors, fishermen and weather trackers around the world. Headquartered in the Washington DC metropolitan area, TrueNorth Global launched its ClearPoint weather service in 2007.

On June 25, 2007, ClearPoint launched two editions of its weather service software:

ClearPoint High Definition Weather offers real-time, accurate forecast data, anywhere in the world. It tracks prevailing conditions, including detailed, always on, real-time and predictive data on key maritime applications such as winds, waves, fronts, sea temp, visibility, clouds, satellite, air temp, lightning, tropical storms, hurricanes, weather bulletins and alerts. ClearPoint weather services are good for any form of maritime or boating activity, as well as for specialist, land-based marina and resort weather-tracking applications.

ClearPoint Racing Edition offers industry-leading one kilometer wind data resolution weather information for competitive sailboat racing. The Racing Edition is optimized for high-performance racing events like that taking place at Port America's Cup, and is currently available at Valencia and Palma, with more locations to come. In addition to the weather products provided in the High Definition Edition, the Racing Edition provides competitive sailboat racers with ultra-high resolution wind models at one, five, and fifteen kilometer resolutions in select locations.

ClearPoint High Definition Weather services can be downloaded over any Internet connection and launched onto any laptop, tablet, or other PC-based display devices or handheld computers. Real-time updates are fed automatically to these devices and all applications are integrated onto a single, easy-to-use screen. ClearPoint's service is compatible with virtually any communications link, including satellite connections such as Iridium and Inmarsat for real-time detailed updates and alerts, anywhere on the high seas, or anywhere on earth.

Website: ClearPoint Weather